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Stroopwafel Course


Enrol now in our intensive course by a Stroopwafel expert, and become a master yourself.

Are you interested in Stroopwafel?

Do you have a passion about Stroopwafel?

Do you want to start a business of Stroopwafel?

Are you wondering from where to start?

Do you want to know everything about Stroopwafel?

Course content

  • Introduction about the Stroopwafel

  • History of the Stroopwafel 

  • Netherlands & Stroopwafel 

  • Why Stroopwafel is different from any other type of waffle 

  • Specifications of Stroopwafel (temperature, storage, expiry ...etc)

  • Packaging 

  • Channels of Stroopwafel 

  • Stroopwafel around the world

  • Middle East & Stroopwafel 

  • What Stroopwafel consist of (recipes)

  • The syrup

  • Types of Stroopwafel 

  • What are the parts of the machine and differences between other machines?

  • Cleaning and maintenance of the machine 

  • Questions and answers for the trainee

  • Practical exercises by an expert

  • Making the dough 

  • The technique of the art of Stroopwafel

  • Baking the Stroopwafel 

  • Different flavours and toppings

  • Trainee practice 

  • Trainee Examination (Written & Practical)

  • Gifts & samples for the participants

Duration: 2 days (5 Hours/Day)

Price: 3870/ Person

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