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About Us

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Stroopwafel Café can also provide the final product for companies, cafes, or institutes with their own branding or logo. Stroopwafel Café provides extensive training on how to make Dutch Stroopwafel for those looking to start their own Stroopwafel business.

Finally, this year Stroopwafel Café started offering to franchise to customers wishing to open a branch for themselves or those wishing to start a successful and unique project.


All our ingredients and packaging materials are coming from the Netherlands to ensure the authentic taste and experience of Stroopwafel. All our products are tested and approved by strict food regulations. Just enjoy, we’ve got you covered!


To deliver the best experience of Stroopwafel. We always keep the highest standards of ingredients, quality, and taste.

To introduce Stroopwafel to more and more people in the Middle East because we know it is impossible not to love this delicious treat.

Stroopwafel Café was established in 2015 in the city of Abu Dhabi. Stroopwafel Café is the first of its kind in the region, specializing in manufacturing the famous Dutch caramel waffle “Stroopwafel”. Stroopwafel Café provides customers with all their needs related to Stroopwafel, as it provides the raw materials for the making of Stroopwafel, as well as the machinery and tools that make the Stroopwafel and also provide the final product to customers who want to buy the ready-to-eat product in different delicious shapes and types.


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