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Do you want an extra income?

Do you want to own a known business, but do not know from where to start?

Are you interested in having a franchise of Stroopwafel Café? YOU CAN!

Stroopwafel Café is offering the opportunity of franchising to anyone who is interested and serious about starting a successful business. Stroopwafel Café wishes to appoint the franchisee as a retailer, thus obligating it to manage Stroopwafel Café retail Branch(s) (fully-branded Branch(s)) and to establish fully branded Branch(s) for the sole and exclusive sales and provisioning of Stroopwafel Café’s Products subject to the terms and conditions set forth in an agreement; and 

DSC_0263 (1).JPG.jpg

WHEREAS, the Franchisee agrees to extend full cooperation to Stroopwafel Café to ensure customer satisfaction and avoid acts and practices that may derogate from or affect the image and reputation of Stroopwafel Café; and WHEREAS, both parties have agreed to develop a chain of franchise Branch(s) in accordance with the terms and conditions of Stroopwafel Café.

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